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Tango Lessons
for Young Adults 15-17

Wednesdays and Fridays 7:30-8:30pm

Teenagers / young adults begin to define one’s self and realistically contemplate the future. Tango helps them hone in on their social skills and build confidence to navigate through these years.

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Tango dance students practicing Ultimate Tango Kids, Boston,  MA Image Tango dance students performing, Ultimate Tango Kids, Boston,  MA Image

Dance Lessons with young adults 15-17 in mind

During 75 60-minutes sessions scheduled twice a week on Wednesdays & Fridays 7:30 - 8:30pm, between September and May, young adults 15-17 will master 4 choreographies with progressively increasing level of difficulty and perform them during 2 recitals.


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Teaching style / Curriculum

Tango dance students practicing Ultimate Tango Kids, Boston,  MA Image Tango dance students performing, Ultimate Tango Kids, Boston,  MA Image Tango dance teacher teaching students standing, posed, Ultimate Tango Kids, Boston,  MA Image

During TANGO LESSONS FOR YOUNG ADULTS 15-17, all students enrolled in the program will learn fundamental structure of Argentine Tango, its most recognized steps, combinations and elements including cruzada, baldoza, ocho adelante, ocho atras, parade, sandwich and giros in various variations. More advanced elements will be added in second part of the training that might include variations with sacadas, boloes, ganchos, calecitas and more based on the talent of the group. Strengthening exercises, pivots and turns, posture correcting exercises and necessary technique will be introduced and implemented as needed.

Tango dance students practicing Ultimate Tango Kids, Boston,  MA Image Tango dance students performing, Ultimate Tango Kids, Boston,  MA Image Tango dance students performing, Ultimate Tango Kids, Boston,  MA Image

Individual Couples Performance Programs*

By the end of October our Instructors will choose all exceptionally talented and hard working students and suggest possible partnerships for Individual couples choreography. This is a separate program and require additional time commitment.

It includes:
40 45-minutes private lessons for one couple (chosen by Instructor) and scheduled individually to master unique choreography to Tango song chosen by Instructor created specifically for matched couple and taught to them trough individualized instructions.
Costume rehearsals and performance makeup are included in the tuition.

*This program is only available for couples registered into Group Performance Program and chosen by Ultimate Tango instructors. All parents of students nominate for this program will be contacted individually.

Why Choose Us

Balanced curriculum

We provide an environment to both develop skills and creative expression in Tango. All our curriculum is specifically designed for children of ages 6-17.

Affordable tuition

At less than $17/session, tuition is set at affordable, competitive rates. Students enrolled for the year can pay their tuition in full at the time of registration, or in four installments.

Years of Experience

Ultimate Tango grew into full time program well known and well respected around Boston area. It first started in 2001 in New York, NY, when Hernan Brizuela first arrived from Buenos Aires. In 2012 art and dance teaching experience brought in by Anita Flejter converted teaching methodology into well structured multi-levels program branded as Ultimate Tango in 2013. Ultimate Tango has been in Medford, MA for many years.

Dancing promotes growth

LEARN TO DANCE - LEARN TO LIVE. Dancing lessons promotes a positive level of growth – in a your adult’s body, development is constant (posture, range of motion, self-confidence, etc.).


Here are things every parent should know before deciding to enroll your teens/young adults in dance classes:

  • Are your classes only for experience dancers or is there a program for beginners?

    Ultimate Tango Kids curriculum is designed for children at any stage. This keeps students engaged while relishing the joy of dance. These classes provided a solid foundation for future success in Tango.

  • How big are the classes?

    Dance is a collaborative art to which dancers’ energy from working with a group. A group that is too small then there is enough energy to focus and if a group is too large it may result in disorganized focus. An appropriately sized class for each age group provides the best for focus to unlock the children’s fullest potential.

  • Who are the instructors?

    As brand new Ultimate Tango Kids programs are taught by Anita Flejter and Hernan Brizuela themselves with asssstance of their traied instructors.

  • What do the classes help children develop?

    Tango is a powerful accomplice for developing many of the attributes of a growing child. Tango helps children mature physically, emotionally, cognitively, and socially.